Saint Lucie Taekwondo Team!!!

We went to the Saint Lucie State Fair (off of Midway) last weekend for my daughter who performed with her Taekwondo friends. The martial arts studio she attends has a demo team and my little bambina was the culminating event -- she broke a board.

Now, as many parents can attest, I was nervous for her and hoping it would go well. It's rather nerve racking to be in front of everyone for the first time. She'd never been in a position like this before. Thankfully the kids on the demo team are super sweet to her and everyone cheered her on.

The demo team did a great job and then one of the black belt girls walked her up on the stage, held the board and BAM! My little girl broke it with one hit. Oh my god. Happy tears. She did such a great job. She broke the board with one hit. She stood nice and proper after doing it and did a little bow. Be still my heart. So proud!!! And, so happy for her accomplishment. She was happy with it and really, that's all that mattered.

I like having her in a martial arts class. She is no ninja yet but I am hopeful she will develop a love for the discipline and skill of martial arts. Some moms don't feel that it's a normal girl's activity. I think those moms are bonkers. Martial arts is physical, it teaches her to use her body, to be capable of self defense, to be disciplined, to be athletic, to be strong, teaches her memorization, etc. (the list goes on and on!) What of that list is not perfectly designed for little girls (or big girls)?!

One of the kids who performed finished up his performance and was disappointed with it. He said he forgot some things and messed up. But, do you know what? I see the world so differently as a mom. This boy, who is such a sweetheart, went up there and performed all by himself. He may have forgotten a move or two (who cares!) because he didn't quit. He didn't stop. He kept on going. He finished. He bowed. It's that kind of behavior I respect so much. It really takes a lot of courage to perform in front of others and to mess up and not quit is, in itself, an accomplishment!

Here are some photos from the event.

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