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Why People Avoid Health / Nutrition Stores

The other day I stopped in our local nutrition store to ask a question. I stood by the front desk and patiently waited for the employee to finish helping out another customer. If you are going to a health / nutrition store and you have a question, expect to wait a bit because there are others who have questions and will take time. Unlike large stores with tons of products and a few employees, some smaller health stores have only one employee sometimes and she (or he) is the primary source of info about the products they carry. So, each customer gets some wonderful one-on-one information from a knowledgeable person. A total plus for small stores but if you are in a rush, a total inconvenience.

Nonetheless, I wasn't in a rush and had a question so I waited. And, as I waited I heard the employee say something that is the primary reason people don't trust homeopathic / nutrition stores and what they carry. The lady being helped had a question and referenced her upcoming doctor…

Affordable Coastal Living in Fort Pierce, Florida

I was chatting with some people about where I live and realized that this area is still not well known -- so here's a little post about why I live here and why I consider it a "gem" of the Treasure Coast. I'm in Saint Lucie County -- perhaps best known for Mets Spring Training. More specifically, I live in Fort Pierce - a town that has lovely beaches, charming downtown, good nature options and a growing population.

The area is still undervalued (maybe it's from the market crashing and it's now starting to rebuild). The price of homes are starting to go up and I'm cool with that as a home owner. What I appreciate most about the area is the cost of living though. We have the water, the beaches, the pretty land and if you put these homes anywhere else, they'd be insanely expensive.

Miami, for example, is super expensive on the water but then you have to deal with the traffic and congestion. I'm happy to have traffic-free living here. And, I see th…