Why People Avoid Health / Nutrition Stores

The other day I stopped in our local nutrition store to ask a question. I stood by the front desk and patiently waited for the employee to finish helping out another customer. If you are going to a health / nutrition store and you have a question, expect to wait a bit because there are others who have questions and will take time. Unlike large stores with tons of products and a few employees, some smaller health stores have only one employee sometimes and she (or he) is the primary source of info about the products they carry. So, each customer gets some wonderful one-on-one information from a knowledgeable person. A total plus for small stores but if you are in a rush, a total inconvenience.

Nonetheless, I wasn't in a rush and had a question so I waited. And, as I waited I heard the employee say something that is the primary reason people don't trust homeopathic / nutrition stores and what they carry. The lady being helped had a question and referenced her upcoming doctor's appointment where she's going to get a shot (immunization, I assume) and she asked the clerk if she knew anything about it. The clerk's response ... "We don't go to doctors."

What the f?

Look, I'm all for natural health, reducing dependency on drugs, eating a well balanced diet and exercise. But, doctors exist for a freakin reason. Don't discount them because you want to waive some bullshit "we healthy people who subscribe to a healthy lifestyle don't get sick." Give me a break. You get sick. And, if you had an emergency (car accident or whatever the case may be) you'd go to a doctor. And, even if you don't get sick as often as others, don't have such a curt response that makes them feel bad.

Furthermore, I think it's perfectly fine for people who use eastern medicine to use western medicine. A combination of both methods is fine for many people. But don't make someone sound like a foreigner to your healthy life and store because they opt for choices you don't use.

So, after that lady finished up, she helped answer a question by basically not being able to help because she wasn't familiar with taking the supplement while breastfeeding. She then said that maybe I don't need the supplement and I should just do a whole foods diet. Again, a bit of an overstep.

I do eat healthy. I do cook my own foods. I don't eat fast foods. I try to avoid eating over processed things. I do protein shakes with fresh fruits. I juice with veggies. I do my very best with things. But her basic assumption about my eating habits is what caused her to recommend a changed diet in lieu of a supplement while breastfeeding.


That's just annoying. I'm all for healthy living and lifestyle choices. I think we (collective "we") could do better with food choices and lifestyle choices. We all have our own battles but while someone is trying to improve their health and change their lifestyle, let's not be overcritical of them.

This also goes for people who fat sham at gyms. I saw another person recently posted a photo of a not-skinny woman working out on a treadmill. Why? The woman is overweight and in a gym working out. Isn't that commendable?! Isn't that what the push for a healthy lifestyle entails? It means transforming our bodies and it may not be a wonderful starting out point but putting in the effort is damn impressive.

Let's do better.
Let's be better.
And let's not walk around all high and mighty about our weight or others.

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