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Exploring Coral Gables, Florida, USA

I love being a tourist in my own state. Sure, it's fun globe trotting but to get to see towns in the area more intimately is just as fun (and a lot more affordable!). We just got back from a house sit in Coral Gables, Florida. It's a two hour drive south and we lucked out (again) with another great house sit!

We were fortunate to housesit for a family with young kids, which meant there were some serious perks for our girls. First and foremost, their kids left welcome letters on their front door for my girls. How sweet is that?! And, they left out a double stroller for us to use. In this charming and pedestrian friendly city, it worked out so well. In fact, on Saturday we walked over to a local park for an Easter egg hunt (and used the double stroller!). This is the kind of town where you can stroll, jog, go biking or whatever. Just being outdoors is a treat because it's a beautiful city that accommodates nature lovers.

The house was lovely and comfortable. And, I got to…