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Exploring Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

We were selected for a house sit on beautiful Hilton Head Island. I have always wanted to visit here - I've heard so much about it but never managed to travel to the area ... until now! It was an easy 5.5 hour drive from home. (Anything is better than flying these days! Plus, it gets expensive with the whole family flying to a location we can simply take the car).

Anyway, the drive was easy soon enough we made our way to the island. As soon as you get off the highway, it's clear to see why people love the area. The area is beautifully green, ample open space (not crowded from homes or buildings) and a lot of the architecture seems fairly recent. We paid the toll (cost $1.50), crossed over the bridge and got to the island. The person we were housesitting for provided awesome directions that got us to the Sea Pines Visitor Center. We picked up our pass and headed on to find her beautiful home and two little furry friends: a cat and a dog. 
Hilton Head Island has that wonderful …

New Jersey's Madison Montessori School

We successfully traveled up the coast to New Jersey and now have an entire month to enjoy the area like tourists. I grew up here but because I've been gone so long, I'm basically a tourist. So many things changed - new homes, new fees (hello Path, Subway MTA, freakin Turnpike toll, etc!!). There are new restaurants, new parks, new everything - it seems. But, one thing has remained the same and it's wonderful that it has: Madison Montessori.

I contacted Madison Montessori via Facebook on a whim to see if they might have an opening for my older daughter while we were visiting. I have such fond memories of my Montessori days and credit the school with my love of learning. (Start young and you shape the way you view education forever!)

Anyway, I reached out to see if they had an opening and they did! Even more impressive to me is that  when I asked about my daughter attending, they seemed to pass the information throughout the staff quickly and thoroughly. Don't you love w…