New Jersey's Madison Montessori School

We successfully traveled up the coast to New Jersey and now have an entire month to enjoy the area like tourists. I grew up here but because I've been gone so long, I'm basically a tourist. So many things changed - new homes, new fees (hello Path, Subway MTA, freakin Turnpike toll, etc!!). There are new restaurants, new parks, new everything - it seems. But, one thing has remained the same and it's wonderful that it has: Madison Montessori.

I contacted Madison Montessori via Facebook on a whim to see if they might have an opening for my older daughter while we were visiting. I have such fond memories of my Montessori days and credit the school with my love of learning. (Start young and you shape the way you view education forever!)

Anyway, I reached out to see if they had an opening and they did! Even more impressive to me is that  when I asked about my daughter attending, they seemed to pass the information throughout the staff quickly and thoroughly. Don't you love when places communicate well internally among staff and with community members as well?! I DO!!!

Today was our meet and greet. The bits and pieces of my memories were filled in as soon as I walked into the building. I remember the lobby area, I remember the large (main) room where I spent so many of my days. I remember the ellipse on the rug (although it faced a different direction). And then I saw a face I remember vividly. Miss Terry - how has she barely changed?!

Madison Montessori is housed within a Presbyterian Church.
It's a lovely historic building. 
My daughter got to head into class as I sat in the lobby chatting with Miss Terry. I was hoping she'd like it. I felt like there was a good chance she would like it because, well, it's Madison Montessori and they are awesome. She DID like it and said she wanted to attend. YAY!!!! She came out after completing a necklace she created and also a little bag of lavender with her name on it.

It's been three decades since I have been there and you may think -- why so little changes? Honestly, the way they use the space, the way they have it set up is perfect for little kiddos. Many places may need updates or overhauls of space but when you get it right the first time, all you really have to do is tweak a few things over the years.

As a matter of fact, have you ever returned to a place you went years (or decades) ago and thought ... "I can't believe I thought this was a great place?" or "I used to think this was so beautiful???" or whatever the case may be. As years pass and we return, we see a place with new eyes and realize what we thought was magical was really ... not. Well, I am happy to say that the magic of Madison Montessori and the memories I have about the school match the current reality. That's pretty damn cool! To have a place stand the test of time is remarkable, in my opinion.
Friends having a snack. (from MMS website)

I got a chance to chat with the staff and teachers (and some are a combination of the two). It's so cool to have something come full circle. Especially as a non-resident, I didn't think my kids would have a chance to enjoy things from my childhood. So this is a cool experience to share. Perhaps my youngest will have a chance to experience Madison Montessori one day as well.

Anyway, enough raving. I hope that parents in Madison, Morristown, Florham Park, Livingston, Convent Station, Chatham, etc., pay a visit to this school and see why it's loved by former students, by parents and the employees.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why someone would opt for a daycare when a school that fosters a love of learning and discovery is available. Plus, would you believe they have a tuition assistance option?! Ugh ... if only this was available in Florida where we lived.

Me and my girls standing with Miss Terry.

View the info about Madison Montessori on here:

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