Miami Beach To Ourselves

My family headed back down to Miami for another house sit but because it's crazy hot in Florida (and will remain this way for months to come) we thought we'd enjoy some beach time. Miami Beach is known for a bit of chaos, a lot of traffic, lots of parties, and droves of tourists. To say the least, a bunch of those items aren't high on my list of priorities or enjoyment so we ventured there in the early morning hours to enjoy the sunrise.

I'm a morning person anyway so sunrise is a wonderful time of day. My girls are little and aren't fans of rising super early so I packed the night before and had them dressed in clothes that I could keep them in until we got to the beach. Preparing the night before makes getting them in the car easier.

Parking for Miami Beach is metered parking (which means $$$) but if you are there before 8am, there's no cost. And guess what? Sunrise is well before then so you basically have a private beach and free parking. Yay!

Also -- the meters in Miami have a super awesome cell phone app that makes paying for parking and getting notified when it is going to expire much easier. The app is called "Parkmobile" -- it's a little green icon with a white P inside it. I suggest downloading it if you are in Miami. Using the app is easy (credit card or paypal accepted on it) and this way you aren't stuck putting in dollars or running back to the machine when the time is expiring. The app tells you when you are running out of time and you can extend your stay with the app. Here are links if you are interested -- Parkmobile on Android here // Parkmobile for Apple here

I think that seeing a sunrise every now and then (voluntarily and not because you are going to work) is a great idea. It's nice to find a space in the world that is quiet, beautiful and tranquil.

Here are some images from the sunrise we watched there. It was absolutely gorgeous. It's one of the many perks of house sitting. I love traveling to new places (even if it's only a few hours from home) and enjoying a fresh new day in a new surrounding. House sitting is fun for me. It's not super easy because I have little ones and I'm always meticulous and watchful with their behavior in other people's homes but it's worth it to me. Traveling by staying in hotels (and even Airbnb) gets expensive. But we stay for free in other people's beautiful homes in new towns ... and I love it.

My girl ... sitting on the beach as the sun rose above the horizon. 

Lifeguard hut and palm trees. Miami Beach is beautiful. 

Beaches that have walkways to the ocean are wonderful! Makes it easier than
trudging through the sand. 

My littlest one illuminated by the rising sun. I love natural light!! 

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