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Writing Prompts For Journaling & Inspiration

I've tried and have not yet succeeded to write daily. I used to write every day - every single day. But I let my voice fall silent for a while. I'm working to reinvigorate my inner voice.

To facilitate daily writing (or even once a week -- ya gotta start somewhere), I've found a few prompts that may be helpful. And, if you are looking to write, maybe these prompts will help you as well.

As I look at the list, I see a few that stick out to me that are awesome for self discovery. Prompts such as .... Three things you want to change in your life, What inspires you and What do you need? 
I feel like parenting has been a challenge for my definition of self. Stay-at-home moms like me get zero time off. Heck, I barely get to rest undisturbed. Even when I'm doing "nothing" with the kids, it's still something. And then there's planning for meals and snacks - like, constantly. I don't eat out at restaurants with them and, I cook all of their meals. Every d…

Passing time in Marion County, Florida at Beautiful Freshwater Springs

This area of Florida is nestled deep in the center of the state and that means it's far away from the beach. The area is rich in beautiful freshwater springs but those are chilly -- a cool 72 degrees year round. Now, for people who walk in snow barefoot (LOL) that may not sound cold but for Floridians, I can tell you that temps that far below the natural body temperature are too cold to enjoy.

The springs are beautiful though and they are definitely worth dipping your feet in to take off the insane heat that we deal with during Florida's summer (which is practically most of the year, to be honest).

I went to a few different springs in the area: Silver Springs State Park, De Leon Springs State Park and Juniper Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest. Here's some info you may find useful if you are traveling to the area to check out the springs.

Silver Springs State Park 
The housesit I'm doing is just west of the entrance to Silver Springs State Park so we…

Searching For Home

George A. Moore once said, "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." After watching the movie Lion, a heart wrenching story about a young boy named Saroo who was lost for 25 years and ultimately found his way back home ... I am in awe of what the heart and mind are capable of.

If you are unfamiliar with the real-life story of Saroo, I'll post an Australian 60-minute interview with him and his family as well as the trailer for the movie. With the sheer number of orphans in India, it's amazing that he endured the dangers of the streets and the awfulness of humanity - ultimately making his way into a home with two loving adoptive parents. And furthermore, parents who didn't stand in his way to have him reconnect with his lost roots.

As a mom of two young kiddos, I really can't imagine raising my children in such stark poverty. Being a parent is tough enough (a single parent the even greater challenge) but then you ad…

From one Goddess to Another: A Rebirth.

I've suddenly begun using the hashtag #goddessvibes when I post a photo of myself on Instagram (@liesl.bee). I don't use it out of vanity ... I say it because I've finally started tapping into the subconscious mind that I've been ignoring.

See, when I became a mother (I have two girls), everything changed. My mentality shifted from me to mother-me. I had to, of course, because I was responsible for growing, birthing, breastfeeding, nourishing, caring for and loving my children. My girls are 1.5 and 4.5 (respectively). But upon becoming a mother, there was an obvious disconnect with myself - my inner "me" being.

I'm raising two beautiful girls - one hella strong-willed who tests my limitations (and hers) daily and one who embodies much more of a surfer girl/chill kind of girl. They are my yin and yang. What I do and how I live is because of them and the love I have for them now and who they will become.

But while I was paddle boarding with two South Flori…