Writing Prompts For Journaling & Inspiration

I've tried and have not yet succeeded to write daily. I used to write every day - every single day. But I let my voice fall silent for a while. I'm working to reinvigorate my inner voice.

To facilitate daily writing (or even once a week -- ya gotta start somewhere), I've found a few prompts that may be helpful. And, if you are looking to write, maybe these prompts will help you as well.

As I look at the list, I see a few that stick out to me that are awesome for self discovery. Prompts such as .... Three things you want to change in your life, What inspires you and What do you need? 

I feel like parenting has been a challenge for my definition of self. Stay-at-home moms like me get zero time off. Heck, I barely get to rest undisturbed. Even when I'm doing "nothing" with the kids, it's still something. And then there's planning for meals and snacks - like, constantly. I don't eat out at restaurants with them and, I cook all of their meals. Every day is a full day of things that have to be done. It's a blessing and a curse all at once. If I wasn't a mom, my life would be less stressful, less chaotic, less busy and I'd probably get more rest. Even working a full-time job offers time off. But parenting is a 24/7 job and there is no time off unless there's someone watching the kiddos.  But, being a mom is incredible and there is a joy that fills me that only my kids can offer. With all of that being said, the "me" element is often missing from my day and I am working hard to identify that, focus on it and fix it. 

The same way that people who do yoga or meditate have to take time to practice, I, too need to practice this whole "me" thing. And, perhaps writing will be a good way to reconnect and also rediscover my inner voice. 

Let me give one of these prompts a go ... 

What inspires me?

Travel and photography. These two things are something I simply cannot live without. With the creation of Instagram, I am endlessly adding places to my ever-growing bucket list. I don't find the list overwhelming even thought it's pretty damn long. I find it inspiring. There are always new places to go, new foods to try, new sounds to hear, new places to smell, new everything to photograph. 

And that leads me to why I love photography - I capture the world around me because I love looking back on memories and also bringing a piece of the world back with me (while causing the world no harm). I particularly love photographing my daughters as we go on adventures because one day, the photos I take of them will become their memories. 

As far as my photographic style is concerned, I tend to photograph them from behind because they are always walking ahead of me. I love seeing their sense of wonder and adventure. 

I am also completely on the fence about homeschooling. The schools near my house are below national standards. I have concerns about bullying, violence in schools, inept teachers, overwhelming curriculum for kids, utterly irrelevant curriculum that doesn't prepare them for anything more than a test ... 

There are a few online homeschooling programs and one that's offered through the state. I may give it a try next year. This way I can continue traveling and the kids can travel with me while still learning - all I need is internet.

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I want to live an inspired life - I don't want to wait my whole life to pass before I start enjoying it. I also don't want more parts of my personality to go quiet because I lost focus. I should never have lost my passion for writing. I love writing. I don't want to let other passions of mine dim because I lost focus on what matters. Life is short - and there's no guarantee of growing old. Why would I wait decades upon decades working a miserable job and outsourcing parenting because I would one day want to reconnect with my kids and my life. That sounds crazy. 

What inspires you? 

What kind of life do you want to live?

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