Hilton Head Island's Inspiration

This is my second trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. According to GPS it's exactly a 6 hour drive - surprisingly manageable with my kiddos so long as I occasionally reach one arm back and hold the littlest one's foot. LOL Anything to keep from hearing sadness in the back seat.

Anyway, my favorite time of day is when the beach empties in the evenings and it's low tide. The beaches fill up with little pockets of water as the tide pulls out. I have yet to see a sunset but that will start tomorrow. It's going to be an early morning from here on out with the kiddos to watch the sun rise. Basically, I like all times of day that involve less crowds and this area gets PACKED during the day. Seriously, what is this ... South Beach Miami?!

Anyway, it's been an absolute treat housesitting here with my daughters. It's a beautiful place to explore and simply enjoy. Plus, this place is super family friend. In fact, as I was leaving Harbour Town yesterday, the person waiting for my spot got out of the car just to say not to rush and that they have kids too. Seriously, that happened. No one honked. No one shouted from their car. He got out and simply came over (and not in an uncomfortable closeness either) just to remind me that them waiting for a spot doesn't imply any impatience on their part. So kind of them. And, that epitomizes my time here on the island.

I've created a bit of artwork from the beautiful evenings here. Here's some of the pieces.

"Hilton Head Island 7.1"
on Society6 here  ||  on Saatchi Art (Limited Edition) here
"Hilton Head Island Ripples"
on Saatchi Art (Limited Edition) here  ||  on Society6 here

"Hilton Head Island 5.1"
on Saatchi Art (Limited Edition) here  ||  on Society6 here

"Live Inspired"
on Society6 here

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