More Future Peace Makers, Please.

In 2010 I traveled to Spain. I wanted to listen to Spanish Guitar (the most romantic guitar music - ever!) and sip Cava, eat tapas ... I went for the culture, the food, the sights. I love traveling and Spain was a great choice.

I stayed in Barcelona. (as I say the name, I say it with that Spanish lisp in my mind). I walked the streets endlessly. I took their subway (got lost many times). I drank plenty, I shopped a bit. I walked around Las Ramblas and giggled at the signs ALL OVER that reminded people not to pee on the streets in public. (Guess that was a big problem with addressing? haha)

And yet, as I was making lunch today, I learned about the horrific incident in Barcelona. In that insanely crowded street  - Las Ramblas, someone drove into the pedestrians? What the hell?!

I don't understand senseless violence. I don't practice violence. I don't subscribe to violence. I don't watch many violent movies. It's not my thing. I like peace. I like love. I like romance. I like food. I like travel. I like human interaction. I don't care much for violence whether real or fake.

But the incident today is horribly real. I hear they even have hostages. How freaking terrible. Eventually the news will be filled with the faces of those killed. Those precious lives ...

The way to overcome violence, in my opinion, is to teach our children better. We must! They learn everything from us. They learn how to think. We shape the lens in which they interpret the world around them. We help them understand their emotions. We help them process anger and frustration. We teach them outlets to cope with things that cause sadness and pain. We show them love. We show them affection. We show and tell them positive things to permeate their minds and hearts.

We don't raise terrorists.
We don't raise children to hate.
We don't raise children to be racists.

We raise children to be good humans who make good choices for themselves and others.
Caring children.
Empathetic children.
Kind children.
Compassionate children.

We must overcome the hatred in the world by teaching young minds that the world deserves love and the people and animals and environment deserve respect.

The other day a Montessori design of mine sold a few t-shirts. So, today, in response to this horrible violence, I made another positive-message design. Literally, if we wear these positive messages on our shirts for people to read so they are reminded of it, maybe we will all do a better job of raising children to have values that benefit the world and not values that harm it.

Available on TeePublic here  ||   Available on Society6  here 

Available on TeePublic here  ||   Available on Society6  here 

Available on TeePublic here  ||   Available on Society6  here 

Available on TeePublic here  ||   Available on Society6  here 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

Available on TeePublic here  ||   Available on Society6  here 

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