Oppressed Majority - Majorité Opprimée

In a short 10-minute French film by by Eleonore Pourriat, it becomes more obvious what sexism is like for those who are often blissfully unaware.

The experiences of women are often dismissed. Whether it's being harassed at work, diminished of value at home,  harassed on the streets and even sexual assaults are met with indifference and excuses.
Did you see what she was wearing? 
It was late at night - what did you think would happen at night? 
Why were you in that part of town? 

But the fact of the matter is that harassment and unprovoked attacks toward women should not be supplemented with excuses or belittlement. She should have fought harder. She should have screamed louder. She shouldn't have been walking alone.

She should be able to live and exist. PERIOD.

The movie is short.
Make it a family night.
Watch it.

And, it's not "too adult" to watch with your children (your pre-teens and teens) because disgusting sexualization and harassment happens to them as well. The more you are aware of it, the more you talk about the experiences, the easier it will be to tackle together and not push blame on anyone.

Nothing a woman wears should result in assault or harassment.

I live in Florida. It's hot ALL the time.
Because I wear a bikini to the beach - does that invite attack (verbal or physical?) Of course not.
We must take responsibility for our actions -- and I'm talking about the assaulters and harassers. THEY should be held accountable and the people on the receiving end of their awfulness should not be further punished because of when it happened, where it happened and what they were doing when it happened.

Watch the film.

And kudos to by Eleonore Pourriat and the actors in this film. 
Well done! 

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