School Begins? * Holding my breath *

My oldest is beginning school. Florida has a VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) program for little ones. I was on a wait list and received a call very recently that a spot opened up at a local school. An alternative was a few hours a day at a private Christian school with teachers who didn't even have a bachelor's degree. (eek)

Okay, college doesn't make everyone brilliant. I get that. But I also know that college takes commitment and dedication. It's an investment in higher learning. So, even if they don't graduate brilliant as can be, at least they are trained to think, reason, use logic, etc. Someone who barely makes it out of high school and gets a teaching certificate or child care certificate has less value to me. They could be good people but, I want people who invested in their own future to invest in my daughter's.

I got the call about the vacancy when I was in Hilton Head but promised to bring in the necessary paperwork to the county office when I returned. I did just that. Saw the secretary at the front desk and she told me directions to the office where I had the standing appointment. She gave me the wrong directions to the lady's office - horribly wrong. Saw an armed security officer who I repeated the directions to. He had no clue either and he did security there.  *rolling my third eye*  LOL What's wrong with these people?

I make it to the lady's office (no where near the direction I was given). Handle the paperwork and she says the open house for the school is tomorrow. Yikes!!! That's fast. We attended her open house, of course,  but it was a chaotic mess. The doors weren't opened a moment before the two-hour window for the open house. Parents and kids crowded the perimeter of the school. When the doors did open, they rushed in like they were chasing a prize. What a weird stressful mess! I thought they were rushing in to get a seat so we could listen to the principal or someone talk about the school year and introduce teachers or whatever ... nothing like that happened. It was a free-for-all. No grad speeches. Just tables with signs on them that you could go to.

My first stop was the VPK sign. No info was next to my daughter's name like some of the other students. What did that even mean? Saw a sign for "registration" and went there. They should know something!  I gave some paperwork to a registration desk and in turn they said nothing about filling out extra paperwork (apparently I was supposed to and had to return to the school again the following day). They pointed me out the door to another person who could tell me where my daughter's classroom will be.

The school is huge. It's HUGE. It's like a freakin college campus.
I have concerns. They painted so many of the walls red. RED! Who does that?
That's not a color that's constructive for a school environment. Libraries are designed for learning but their walls aren't red. No one paints walls red. Why would this school pick this color for the walls? Ugh. Red flags in my mind shoot up.

I meet the teacher with my daughter. We chat. She seems fine. The classroom is fine. The lighting is bad. I miss Montessori already. Fuck. I don't know about this school. Bad color schemes and bad lighting and the school is massive? And the open night was chaos?

I walk past a lady who is venting about how much she hates this school.

Ugh. Fuck.

I'm on the fence about homeschooling. Schools in Florida are pretty bad but being a homeschooling mom is incredibly demanding and I'm not certain that it's the best route. I think schools are wonderful but the are wonderful when there are good teachers, safe space, lessons taught in ways that transcend learning capabilities ...

I hope this goes well.

School starts Monday.

I'm not a religious person but you better believe I'm saying prayers to the Universe to offer some goodness to my daughter as she embarks on her first public school experience.

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