The Little Black & White Named Virginia

Now that we are settled back home and my oldest daughter is in school, we won't be traveling for long periods of time (until the holidays and summertime) so, we have decided to continue fostering with the Saint Lucie Humane Society. My girls are thrilled.

I contacted the foster / adoption coordinator (who is a volunteer but deserves a hellova salary because she works her but off) letting her know we were open to having a foster. It took no time at all to get assigned a kitty in need of a home.

Welcome, Virgina! This little black and white female kitty is basically a teen mom. She's only 1.5 years old (approx) and her kittens were already adopted -- she remains and is looking for her forever home. She's so tiny! She has such a small stature because she is basically a teen kitty and not yet full grown.

Some people are hesitant about female cats. I don't know why. All cats are different and have their own personalities. Virginia has already shown us that she's kid friendly, loves human company and is willing to trust. I don't think she was a housecat before. She trusts humans (probably those who fed her?) but she doesn't seem accustomed to living in a house. Fear not -- she's litter box trained. She just seems like she's learning how to live in a house with people.

She will come up for pets. She let my oldest pick her up (although it's not her preference). She has front claws but hasn't used them on the furniture or on us (thankful about that). So it's perplexing that she was probably an outdoor cat but doesn't act like an outdoor cat.

She's gentle, a bit timid and her tail reminds me of the Snorkles (the tv show -- do you remember them?).

As always, my goal as a cat foster is to get her matched up with her forever home as soon as possible. So if you are in the market for friendly young cat, contact the Humane Society at (772) 461-0687 or visit them at 100 Savannah Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34982

Now for the insanely adorable photos of my girls & Virginia 

Foster kitty Virginia (available for adoption). People often ask why I foster. Why not? The Humane Society provides everything they need (food, litter, medical care, etc) and all I do is provide love and a home. My daughters love having a little fur friend in the home. It's a win-win for everyone. My kids get a temporary pet and the foster pet gets to learn how to live in a home and interact with humans (big and small). And, even better, fostering creates space in the shelter so less have to be killed (euthanized is a nice word for killed). This kitty was basically a teen mom. Haha she is identifiably young from her small stature. They estimate she is a bit over a year old. All of her kittens have been adopted and now it's her turn. I hope we can find her a #fureverhome so she can live happily ever after. And, for the silly people who think that fostering is mean for my kids because they eventually say goodbye to the adopted cat or kitten ... I teach them to love and let go. A good lesson, I think. Like the movie #ciderhouserules when they say a little message to the adopted children ... "let us be happy for" whomever because they found a home. Same goes for this. We love the pet but wish it well as they go on to a family of their own. To love something doesn't mean to keep it and fostering is exactly that. There are thousands of animals in Florida who could use a foster family so give it a try. It's good for the soul to treat others with kindness and love - even if it's temporary.
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