Hemingway Cats - More to Love

Keeping with the tradition of shameless promotion when we foster cats from the Humane Society, I would like to introduce you to two Hemingway Cats named Chelsea and Koa.

I can't explain why someone gives up a cat after having it for years. Giving it up runs the risk that the shelter may have to put it down - it's a sad reality but ... a reality. But those who don't have other options or simply wish to no longer keep their fur friends, they end up at the Humane Society in Fort Pierce and make their way into a foster home - like mine.

And so I ended up with two cats from the same home who were surrendered by their owner. Chelsea and Koa are among the softest cats I've ever touched. Their fur is so soft! Chelsea is the cream colored cat (part Siamese I was told) and has SEVEN toes per front foot. Yes, seven!!! It's like she wears mittens when you look at her. It's so cute!

Then there is Koa. He is a solid gray (like a Russian Blue, perhaps?) and has six toes per front foot. Six. This combo (although not related) are so cool. Who doesn't love a Hemingway cat? More to love!!

Adult cats take a longer time to adjust to a home. They hid under the bed in my guest room for a couple of days but explored the house at night. They didn't meow much or cause any problems. Just two very low-key kind of cats. They slept together under the bed. I hope they get adopted together but the changes of that are pretty slim.

I had them about a week but just this morning they were brought to Petco because two cages opened up. I'm sure they'll get adopted quickly because they are beautiful and sweet. Here's hoping!!!!

The foster coordinator mentioned there is another owner-surrendered cat that is only SIX MONTHS old. If another foster doesn't pick him up, we'll be happy to give him a temporary home as well.

For now, I invite you to check out photos of Koa (the gray, about 3 years old, male) and Chelsea (the cream colored, about 3 years old, female). Usually, I'd say that females are more less social and friendly than males but in this case, it is the opposite. I felt that Chelsea was far more social than Koa.

If you'd like to see either, they are at the adoption cages at Petco in Port Saint Lucie.
Address: 1753 NW Saint Lucie West Blvd, Port St Lucie, FL 34986

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