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Your Patriotism

Unless you live under a rock, there is a heated debate about the National Anthem and standing / kneeling. As an American and as a Veteran, I support liberty, which means stand if you want to, kneel if you want to - whatever you do, it's your right so long as it doesn't physically harm others.

I also am on the side of the argument that acknowledges that kneeling has nothing to do with the Anthem or flag. It's purpose is to highlight the injustices faced by brown / black people in America. Racism and discrimination is alive and well. Police brutality is alive and well. Lack of justice for those who were killed by cops is alive and well.

I know cops have a tough job. I also know that the quick draw and shoot approach is not the right approach. Kneeling is the acknowledgment of these injustices. It's a symbolic act. Kneeling injures no one. Kneeling harms no one. I appreciate peaceful protest. I stand (kneel) with those who protest peacefully for equality, justice, tolera…

Kicking off the day with self love.

I'm the mother of two young girls (nearly 5 and nearly 2). We are a matriarchal household, and no matter their choices in life, I hope they feel secure in their strength to lead themselves and/or others in their households one day.

So, how do I create a mood of self-love, self-confidence with my girls? Every morning when the girls and I wake up, we have our basic goal of getting my older daughter to school on time. She's in pre-K so she's able to get herself ready with me double checking as she goes. That's the goal we have to achieve. The route in which we get there is the fun part.

To add fun and motivation, I've incorporated girl-power songs to our mornings. We sing, we dance, we have fun, and we still manage to be on time for school.

The songs I've selected are some of my favorites that have messages I feel are female-centric and powerful. If you are familiar with some of the songs, you may think that the message of self-love is actually a bit narcissistic…