Too much noise.

My daughter attends a pre-k through 8th grade school. It's massive. Many buildings, many students, and a very long pick-up line to drop off and the end of the day. Today at pick-up I witnessed something that bothered me.

As I was pulling up to the area where the kids wait for their parents, there were two girls on a bench who weren't following directions. The teacher (assistant or whomever she was) was telling them to slide down and fill in the gaps in the benches from kids who were already picked up.

One of the girls didn't look up or even acknowledge the teacher. The girl next to her was saying something to the teacher that seemed to offer an explanation for the behavior.

The teacher flipped out. She yelled at the girl after sort of shoving the seated girl. The whole situation was really peculiar because it was brave as shit to do that in front of parents - "brave" in the sense that it was so fucking ignorant that it was ballsy as fuck. The girl finally got up and slid down but the teacher yelled at her the entire way.

Now, although I was witnessing this, so were the students. What an awful way for this teacher to handle the girl with the attitude. It seemed to only exacerbate the situation and then embarrass her in front of her peers. Anyway, tomorrow after I drop off my wee one, I'm going to swing into the office to inquire about the situation.

No matter how rotten a kid acts, teachers should still be held to a different standard. Being loud and belittling a student in front of other students is a really bad decision.

When my wee one got into the car, I asked her if her teachers yell at her. She said no. I asked if they yell at other students in her class. She said yes and told me they yell at (names) because they make a mess in the class and don't listen.

This isn't Montessori.
I wonder how bad things get at this school behind the locked doors when parents aren't present.

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