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Handstands & Yoga

I've committed to doing a handstand each day as part of my self-improvement process. It wasn't that long ago that I couldn't support my body weight. Some women glow when they are pregnant and recovering from pregnancy back into their normal bodies is easy - that wasn't the case for me. I was stuck in a rut. Then again, I'm sure the process would have been easier if I had a person who was loving and encouraging (hindsight is 20/20).
That being said, I've decided to commit to a happier and healthier me despite someone's toxic influence. The best way to counteract negativity is try to thrive in gratitude and self-love; that's where the handstand project came into place. Ultimately, this is a part of my #GoddessVibes project. 
I am doing handstands and not headstands. I still don't feel comfortable putting my bodyweight on my head. It isn't comfortable and I'm not trying to be uncomfortable with this process in a way that I might get hurt - tha…

The Legacy of Our Words

Have you ever told someone they do something "like a girl" to imply they didn't meet a particular standard, were weaker, incapable, slower, etc.? Why is being associated with femaleness an insult? You run like a girl, throw like a girl, hit like a girl. These statements are hurtful as they are learned. And then they become dangerous to the psyche as it's internalized, accepted it and then learned to laugh about it and agree with it.

That shit is poisonous to our self worth, self esteem, self acceptance, self ... everything. Associating our gender with something other than positive words is toxic as hell. And, what of the boys who say it and the men they become? They pay us less, vote less often for women, say women can't hold office because they are emotional, they reinforce the glass ceilings, they critique our bodies, they rape our bodies, they objectify us, they belittle us ... and if we don't laugh with them, then we have "no sense of humor." 

Giving Thanks in Charleston, SC

Once again I have struck gold with house sitting. My girls and I were selected for a house sit in a town nearby Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The home is modern log, sits on beautiful land that has no neighbors in sight and has a wonderful fireplace that warms the well-designed home.

Here we are hanging out with three friendly dogs who are already BFFs with my girls and also a collection of poultry who hang out in the yard. I absolutely love caring for chickens and collecting (and consuming) fresh eggs!!! I also think it's a wonderful learning experience for my girls. They should know what they eat (when they eat chicken) and also should know how to care for them. A valid learning experience in my book!! They also have turkeys. We aren't eating any turkey today - instead, on this Thanksgiving, we will give extra yummy treats to these guys and let them eat up.

House sitting isn't for everyone. I am well aware of the people who think it's a brilliant and affordable …

Responsible Living.

I learned recently that Fort Pierce, Florida, has a city-wide ordinance for feral animals. Catch, spay/neuter, and release!! I had no idea but am grateful I learned because there are two cats (young adults based on their size) who have made their evening home in my yard.

Anytime I've tried to get closer to them (anything less than 20 feet away) caused them to run for their lives. I'm guessing they are feral and not someone's pets. Of course, even if they are someone's pets, they are not treated well enough because responsible pet owners in cities means that the pets stay contained in a home or a yard and not left to free range across the neighborhood. People do bad things to animals, cars can hit them ... any number of bad things can happen. And, that's not to mention cats and dogs getting knocked up and creating more strays who will ultimately inflate the population.

So, I called 911 because there is no non-emergency line to reach animal care and control in this …