Responsible Living.

I learned recently that Fort Pierce, Florida, has a city-wide ordinance for feral animals. Catch, spay/neuter, and release!! I had no idea but am grateful I learned because there are two cats (young adults based on their size) who have made their evening home in my yard.

Anytime I've tried to get closer to them (anything less than 20 feet away) caused them to run for their lives. I'm guessing they are feral and not someone's pets. Of course, even if they are someone's pets, they are not treated well enough because responsible pet owners in cities means that the pets stay contained in a home or a yard and not left to free range across the neighborhood. People do bad things to animals, cars can hit them ... any number of bad things can happen. And, that's not to mention cats and dogs getting knocked up and creating more strays who will ultimately inflate the population.

So, I called 911 because there is no non-emergency line to reach animal care and control in this town and coordinated to have a trap set. They set it where I told them to and called as soon as I saw one of the kitties in it. They came early this morning to get the kitty and set the trap again for its buddy. Let's hope the other kitty finds its way back here and get also get neutered / spayed.

Does your city have a catch and release program? If not, speak to your councilmen and councilwomen or the Mayor's Office. It's important to keep population down. This program doesn't euthanize them unless they are sick or injured (I assume but don't know for sure). I can tell you that the program is designed to reduce population, stop feral cats and dogs from breeding, and ultimately keep less pets in and out of the shelter or euthanized from lack of space at the shelter.

Get involved.
Help be a responsible human.
Seriously, you'll make a difference both for residents in your town and the animals who exist among you.

Trapped and safe. Once spay/neutered, the cat will be released back here.

The trap and the place it decides to spend its evenings. 

My girls watching Animal Care & Control get the kitty. My oldest was sharing the
adventure with her WWF elephant. 

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