Handstands & Yoga

I've committed to doing a handstand each day as part of my self-improvement process. It wasn't that long ago that I couldn't support my body weight. Some women glow when they are pregnant and recovering from pregnancy back into their normal bodies is easy - that wasn't the case for me. I was stuck in a rut. Then again, I'm sure the process would have been easier if I had a person who was loving and encouraging (hindsight is 20/20).
That being said, I've decided to commit to a happier and healthier me despite someone's toxic influence. The best way to counteract negativity is try to thrive in gratitude and self-love; that's where the handstand project came into place. Ultimately, this is a part of my #GoddessVibes project. 

I am doing handstands and not headstands. I still don't feel comfortable putting my bodyweight on my head. It isn't comfortable and I'm not trying to be uncomfortable with this process in a way that I might get hurt - that's just counterproductive! 

Until I perfect balance, I use the wall. I try to kick up slowly and precisely so I use just enough force to get vertical. Hearing a bang on the wall because of my feet is no good and not getting up high enough is also not good. However, I can feel it in my abs when I don't get high enough to the wall and I try to slowly let my feet fall back down to the ground. I do my best to not throw body against the wall -- maintaining complete control is important. 

It's not the easiest process but I'm getting there. 

And, my daughters also participate. After I do my handstands, my soon-to-be 2 & 5 year olds line up for their turn. It's adorable. Showing them an example of a dedicated fitness routine that they enjoy is a wonderful addition to our lives. 

Oh! And I should mention that the handstands come after my daily yoga routine. For this, they also participate and/or crawl and run around me. It's not easy maintaining balance while they play between my legs or bump into me accidentally. Sometimes they do a bit of yoga with me. They like when I do balancing postures. They hold onto the wall or the bed and rejoice in their assisted balance that they achieved. It's adorable! 

Doing yoga with my kids is 100% not as relaxing and restorative as it would be in a yoga studio. But I have limited means with childcare so I do it how I can and when I can. For us, it's best to do it in the evening for their routine because I put on quiet music (Ludovico Einaudi - - spelling??), I turn the lights down and it's a nice bit of calm to add to the night before their bedtime. 

On Sundays (when their father opts to watch them for a bit) I head to the local yoga studio. I love those classes! The classes range from challenging as hell (physically) to completely calming and restorative (chakra classes, stress reduction classes, etc). I love it all. Yoga is for everyone. Everyone!!

Now for some pics of the handstand project. 

The 4 year old helps take some pics. A budding photographer.
Getting up into a handstand in this pic. Good enough for me.
Lucky she enjoys snapping pics. Helps capture the moment easier. 

It took quite a bit of cropping (photography by the 4 yr old) but she did a great job. 

A daily process and I love it. 

Unassisted balance!!! Love her!!

Showing me how proud she is to balance. So cute!!!

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