Eco Drive for an Eco Chick

The other month I emailed my friend about how much it annoys me that my watch batteries suck. They stop too easily. They stop far too easily. And, although it should be simple to get a new battery for them, it's something that never seems to happen. Turns out watches don't replace their own batteries! LOL

I've got enough on my plate and my to-do list is ever-growing. Changing out a watch battery never made it high enough on my list to get accomplished. The watches I own just collect dust on the shelf. Instead of just nodding along (or whatever he did while reading my emails), he decided to surprise me with a watch that doesn't need to have a battery changed out. How did I not know about this before?

It needs sunlight and movement -- sounds a lot like my own needs. That's it! That's all it needs. Now, I've had people buy me jewelry that was less than appealing. Gosh, some of the styles that were gifted were in stark contrast to something I'd regularly wear. This watch though, he did a good job for not having really known what I would pick if I had an option. In fact, I got this watch after not having seen him in a civilian capacity ... ever! We were only ever around each other as Soldiers.

First and foremost, I'm not a big jewelry person. I wear bracelets and sometimes necklaces but I have little hoops in my earrings and those hoops have been there for ages and I dont plan on changing them out. They are simple. They don't have bling. I used to be into bling but now I'm a bit more understated with my style.

I'm also against buying blood diamonds. I hope I dont learn that Swarovski crystals have any issues like blood diamonds do. If problems surround those ... I am blissfully unaware. He knew this so the little bling on the watch is not diamonds. He did a good job remembering I don't do diamonds. My friend did a damn good job.

Still though ... how he lucked out with a style that was perfect is beyond me. I had met him in Colorado briefly while working (he blended with the masses, I didn't). This was during my Army days -- our paths never would have crossed.

Then, we crossed paths again in Iraq. I was passing through his area of Iraq and reached out because I knew he told me he was there. He came to the flight line to chill out as I waited to continue my travels. Then he came to see the guys who hung out on a compound near mine in Ramadi and he came to my office and to meet me for coffee at the Green Beans coffee spot because .... there was NOTHING else to do. LOL and no where to go. I was on a little camp. Our amenities were limited.  I recall telling him in his AO that thankfully we wear our name tags on our uniform because otherwise, I'd never recognize him. So although we met in person and he recalls us talking at some point while another group of guys were loading up on the bird (helicopter), I didn't remember him physically at all. He emailed me cause he was in the operations side of things and got some pics that I took at that's how our friendship started - epistolary friendship is the word that best sums it up.

See? They blend. He's the one on the right on the ramp.
They all look alike though. I was the only chick on the bird. 
We emailed over the years checking in now and then. So it was a surprise that he gifted me this watch. Certainly over the course of our friendship he gave me nothing more than an occasional email. What compelled this purchase is beyond me. However, it was a nice gift that I needed and so it worked out well for me. Maybe it was a way to bring some cheer to a rather tough year for me. Whatever his reason, I don't really care. I needed a watch and this thing was perfect.  I'll consider it a late birthday gift or an early Christmas gift (of any of the years that passed during our friendship. Ha!) So here I am recommending to my fellow watch lovers who hate changing batteries a watch that may work out better for you.

Eco Drive by Citizen

It wasn't even a brand I ever bought but the design is comfortable, simple and I never have to change a battery again. EVER AGAIN! An eco watch is my kind of watch!

So, all it took was about 9 years of friendship to get a gift that I get to get some serious use out of. LOL That works well for me. Maybe in another 9 years I'll get a new one from him. HAhAHAhAHa

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