A fantastic run - finally!!!!!

I used to run for fun. Those days came to a screeching halt when I got pregnant (both times). My body never recovered or enjoyed running once that massive change happened. During the heavier days, my joints were angry with me for jogging and I swear, my body never forgave me for that whole pregnancy and post-pregnancy thing. That is, it never forgave me until TODAY. Ohhhh what a good day today was!

Today I planned on going to my yoga class but, alas, childcare wasn't available at that time so I missed the class but still wanted to do something. I often workout with my kids. I use a baby carrier for my youngest (wearing her like a book bag) and then my older one runs next to me or ahead of me. It's not easy but it's manageable. And, because I'm keeping pace with my daughter, it's basically a slow jog with many walking breaks. Not challenging enough. But, when I workout with them, it's more about teaching them a love of nature and movement. So the purpose isn't for me to break a sweat - it's more about them and their experience.

An attempted selfie near my turnaround point. 
Today I was kid-free for a while and made the most of it.

I put on my workout clothes, grabbed my sunglasses, phone (for music - thank you, Pandora) and headed to the beach for a jog. Shoes stayed in the car. I planned on running in the waves a bit - barefoot and happy.

The water was gorgeous. The weather was perfect. The breeze felt perfect. AND, most importantly, the run felt great. I did about a 4 mile run and it felt sooooo damn good!!!!! I don't even remember the last time I ran 4 miles.

Perhaps this is the start to a love for running once again.

Maybe ...

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