Lessons From Trees

After going for a jog with my girls the other day, I sat on the beach and wrote a short (free verse) poem about trees. I am the kind of girl who comments about trees - and sincerely means it. I will often comment about the vibrancy of leaves, the texture of the bark, the gorgeous shade it offers, the shapes of the branches. I am completely that girl who admires and loves nature.

And so, on the beach, I looked up at the palm trees and realized that there is so much to love about nature, and there are lessons to learn from these glorious trees. 

move with the breeze,
enjoy the sunshine,
let the rain fall away.
stand tall and 
grow roots. 

liesl marelli

Move with the breeze. Movement and change is constant. The mere direction of the wind changes and we just have deal with changes, accept them, shift our perspective and make the most of it. We have to be flexible. 
Enjoy the sunshine.  Live in gratitude, seek happiness, seek peace, seek the warmth of love, basque in the beauty of life. 
Let the rain fall away. We can't stop the bad days - and there will be many. But we can let the clouds and rain come and then let it pass. We don't have to exist endlessly in darkness. 
Stand tall. No matter who we are, we have to accept our truths. Flawed as each of us may be, we are also capable of greatness. We must make good decisions that reflect a quality life and are a reflection of our values and priorities. We should do things that make us proud - that aren't disloyal to our unique attributes that make us who we are. 
Grow roots. For me, growing roots reflects our journey inward - the truths we learn about ourselves, we accept, embrace, we dig deep, we listen to our intuition, we listen to the world around us, we feel the vibration and energy of others. Roots help us maintain a solid life. It keeps us thriving - emotionally, physically, spiritually. 

And so, those were my thoughts about trees and how we could learn from them. If only we all treated the world with respect. Nature and things that exist in nature aren't disposable even though laws, companies and humans leave it destroyed - stripping it of its beauty and its valuable contribution to our lives. 

As a mum, I hope the environment wins over corporate and human greed. The reduction of national parks, the poison of our waterways, the tolerance of dropping trash on the ground instead of finding a garbage ... I hope priorities change and we value the world for what it is.

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