A Humbling Beginning

My Ukulele 
A couple of months ago, I decided to try something completely new. I wanted to learn how to play an instrument. It took me a while to settle on one. I love piano, I love guitar ... but neither of those were easy to travel with. Guitar isn't terribly cumbersome but it's not as conveniently travel-friendly as a Ukulele. So, that settled that. I decided to buy a Uke.

I figured there were tutorials online to teach me - honestly, I went into this venture a bit naive - merely hoping for the best. I bought a random ukulele and tuner on Amazon because ... well, why not? Free shipping is one of those Amazon perks. Turns out, I didn't need a tuner because an app that I have been using has a tuner! Note: this is what happens when research is secondary to purchasing first.

I've been using Yousician and recommend it for newbies like me. They offer instruction on a few instruments - ukulele being one of them. I must admit that learning to play an instrument as an adult is humbling as hell. There is nothing quite like being an absolute beginner that rids you of all confidence.

Slowly, my fingers have adjusted to the strings (apparently I have sensitive fingers??) They were always so sore where I held the strings in the early weeks. Then, after some playing, I got a little calluses - ummm, not my favorite thing for me. And then it just turned into tolerance and no calluses. Much better and much preferred!

Yousician is cool because it gives you lessons designed for your skill level. The app is free and there is a free 10 minute lesson you can technically do twice a day or just once a day.

I'm cool with learning at a slow pace so I don't pay for the unlimited access/ premium account. I feel like 10 minutes is good enough practice each day for me. It's a bit like learning a new language. Practicing the hand coordination, timing, learning to use my fingers comfortably on the strings (playing the correct ones!! usually LOL)  and all that helps keep my brain happy and active. That's important, right? A brain that doesn't turn to mush. LOL!

So, if you are looking for something to do for a bit that doesn't cost much money, give it a shot. It's nice to learn something completely new. And, it's good for the ego to start at zero and work your way up with practice.

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