Happy New Year!!

2017 in a nutshell

Finally. OMG am I glad that it's a new calendar year. Last year was a doozy. Far too many downs, not nearly enough ups. But that's now over and done with. Let's just wash the slate clean and begin anew.

So, here we are. A new day of a new year. 2018!! And, the way I kick off the new year is with the latest issue of Women in Art 278 Magazine. (Link to the mag at the bottom of the blog)

I am constantly in awe of the women featured in the magazine. I love the way they see the world, I love the way they interpret beauty, how they express their emotions, how they work through pain, their joy, their curiosity - all through their art.

Besides starting the year off on the right foot, what else does it have in store for me? A few things to begin: stepping foot on foreign soil (I'll blog about that when the trip comes to fruition) and I'm starting graduate school. I'm quite happy to start the process of earning my masters. It's one of those things that are important to me -- one day my girls will get to check a little box next to "Mother's Education Level" and have a new box to check other than 4-year college degree. Higher learning? Yup. It matters because I want them to see that their mom went above and beyond. As a single mum it's not an easy route but one day they may appreciate it even more. Either way, the point is to set an example about prioritizing education and what better way to do it than earn a new degree?

The Goddess Vibes journey has been underway since last July and is still a work in progress. Basically, that's the journey I'm on about reconnecting with myself and self improvement (and acceptance). Just yesterday, on the last day of the year, I had my best run of the year. I did a 4 mile route and only stopped at the 2 mile mark to add some braids into my hair. It was so windy at the beach and I kept ending up with my hair blowing in my mouth. So after adding a few little braids (small enough that they wouldn't unravel in full) I took back off to finish it up. At the end, I still had energy so I sprinted a bit. I finished up and felt fantastic. I really do love jogging on the beach

a selfie after the run

And, even better about the run was that I have a sort of sore foot. I don't know what caused it and I wasn't running with the intent of further injuring my foot. My goal was to quiet the discomfort while running. There's that whole "mind over matter" thing going on with that. Discomfort happens but not quitting because of it is the little victory. I did it. The discomfort didn't go away but it was silenced a bit and I pushed through. That was what I was hoping for. It felt great. One small victory but an important one, nonetheless.

I will continue with yoga, running, traveling, writing and all of the things I enjoy doing. Certainly new recipes, new places to visit, new music ... many new things await. Of course, I'll keep working on my handstands as well. I also want to be able to do some backbends. That will take a lot more time though. Flexibility is a slow and dedicated process. I'm not at the point I need to be that I could do a handstand without a wall because I can't fall into a comfortable backbend to catch myself. I'll get there though. I suppose those are resolutions but it's more like a daily commitment. Resolutions always fly out the window soon after they are made. And, while I know that all of it may not be great, I can say with certainty that my fierce determination to find the good in the day and the good in the month and the good in the year will diminish the bad that I encounter.

I have to include a funny little video (embedded below). I was playing Auld Lang Syne to my girls and my youngest came over with her little New Years celebration toy and added some cheer. I was playing by ear so it wasn't easy to just flow through. I did it though - got through the song without messing up horribly. LOL I am still a newbie at ukulele and the app I use to learn makes it easy. This was the first time playing by ear though and not being guided along with the app - that's a whole other ball game that I haven't perfected yet.

I do hope this year is a bit easier though. Last year ... geez! Fuck last year. No other way about it. That was a damn mess. Now that I'm settled in being a single mum (good riddance to that wasted relationship and undeserving man), I can sort through things a little easier. I feel like my feet are firmer on the ground, my roots are growing, my confidence is growing, my self love is improving and so it will be easier (not easy but easier) to handle whatever comes my way.

Happy New Year!! Our January 2018 issue has arrived. Links to read the magazine or buy it are provided below. Our international quarterly-published art magazine features women in the arts across the globe and art genres. We welcome new artists. To learn more visit www.ART278.org

A special congrats to our cover page artist Emily Adams

Links provided below to purchase and/or read it online.
[web] www.ART278.org
Buy or download here: https://goo.gl/dP3SQv
Read it online via Joomag: https://goo.gl/FLWUKc
Read online via Issuu: https://goo.gl/HH4euN

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