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March For Our Lives 03.24.18

I don't know where you stand in this chapter of American history, but I know where I do. Today I joined about 20,000 others in Parkland, Florida, in honor of the lives affected by gun violence and to vocalize my position and support with Moms Demand Action -- an organization working to enact sensible gun laws. I showed up to be a voice and to be physically present in support of this community and all the communities across America plagued by gun violence.

Why is this even an issue though? Furthermore, why is this a contentiouspartisan issue? Why do responsible gun owners not want FELLOW responsible gun owners? Literally, no one is saying their intention is to strip citizens of their 2nd amendment rights. But, why are there no limitations to those 2nd amendment rights? Should irresponsible gun owners and dangerous people have weapons? No. Do you really disagree and think they should have weapons?? Logically, why would someone advocate for dangerous people to have access to guns any…

Help Me Make Sense of This

I can't figure out what is going on in the USA and all of the school shootings. I can't seem to figure out what people are thinking when they don't advocate for gun safety and regulation. I can't seem to identify a logical argument to keep the status quo. Guns in America need to be addressed. Laws need to change. The days of the Wild West are over. The system is fucking broken and change needs to happen.

Why are these school-aged children shooting up the classrooms? Why do they have access to weapons? Why are children allowed to legally handle weapons? Why are children allowed to own weapons?  If you have to be 18 to vote, if you have to be 18 (17 with a waiver) to join the military, if you have to be 21 to buy alcohol ... and what is the age for cigarettes anyway? Is it 18 or 21? Either way, there are limitations on "adult" thing -- so why the fuck aren't guns in that category?

So, considering that kids keep getting their hands on weapons and that there…

On the Bookshelves

There are countless books I have read with my daughters that made me roll my eyes - overt sexism, gender-role constraints, and an overwhelming lack of female representation. When I read to my daughters, I'll keep the main character's name but change the gender to female. I want them to hear about "she" and "her" more than "him" and "he." I want them accustomed to hearing women and girls as the lead voice in stories. I want them, ultimately, to envision themselves when we read books together.

Now, you might think the video I've included above is an overdramatization of what girls encounter with books. It's not. Look at your bookshelves. Go to your local library and grab 10 books off of a shelf to see what you discover about who is the lead gender and what action they are doing. Listen to the gender written in books that you read your children. Who is the lead character? Consider the storyline as well - are the girls strong, courage…

Celebrating Women and Girls of the World.

Today is International Women's Day!!! While driving my daughter to school this morning, I was discussing with her the significance of this international celebration of women and girls to which she inquired, "What about boys?" "They can celebrate you and all the other girls in your class today," I said.  
Of course, she's 5-years-old and doesn't know about inequality yet. She'll learn but for now, the world is an endless sea of possibility. In America, there are still many inequalities women and girls face from political to healthcare to sexual stigmas to funding and so on. Of course, these issues exist worldwide but as an American mum, I'll focus a bit on statistics here. 
We are grossly underrepresented in government ... still.
Women hold 22% of 100 seats in U.S. SenateWomen hold 18.3% of 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives Women hold 12% of the 50 Governor positionsWomen hold 28% of Lieutenant Governor Positions Women hold 22.6% of …