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I can't figure out what is going on in the USA and all of the school shootings. I can't seem to figure out what people are thinking when they don't advocate for gun safety and regulation. I can't seem to identify a logical argument to keep the status quo. Guns in America need to be addressed. Laws need to change. The days of the Wild West are over. The system is fucking broken and change needs to happen.

Why are these school-aged children shooting up the classrooms? Why do they have access to weapons? Why are children allowed to legally handle weapons? Why are children allowed to own weapons?  If you have to be 18 to vote, if you have to be 18 (17 with a waiver) to join the military, if you have to be 21 to buy alcohol ... and what is the age for cigarettes anyway? Is it 18 or 21? Either way, there are limitations on "adult" thing -- so why the fuck aren't guns in that category?

So, considering that kids keep getting their hands on weapons and that there isn't an age requirement for weaponry in the USA, what the fuck is going on with the laws that something designed to KILL is accessible to a kid but harming/killing themselves with cigarettes or alcohol is prohibited & regulated? I mean, what the fuck the logic behind that?

Why are guns so accessible to Americans anyway? Why is there such a short turnaround for buying a gun? Why is there no regulations and insurance requirements like we have for cars? We have to take and pass a written and practical test to get a driver's licesnse. Change states? Take the test again in some states (annoying as hell but it is what it is!). Cars are registered, cars are insured, some states require emissions testing that happens quite often. Look, the point is, there are laws.  You have to wear a seatbelt. You can't text and drive. You have to go the speed limit. If you drink and drive, you lose your license.  The point is that in our "free" society, we are still forced to comply with laws that benefit the greater good. Cars are designed for transportation. Guns are designed to KILL. They are not the same. Can cars kill? Yes, they can. But guns don't have another purpose. Their purpose is to kill. So, what the fuck is going on here that people think guns don't need tighter regulations?

And, what the hell is a "well-regulated militia" anyway? We have the military in the USA and yet there is this weird underbelly of military degenerates who have their own weird subculture (watch this video here) and have their own militia. Umm ... that's unsettling. You know those Alt-Right Nazis? They have guns - a lot of guns. That shit is not cool with most rational Americans. I don't know anyone who thinks, "We'll be safe because the Nazis have guns and if we ever need to activate a militia, I'm sure they'll save us all." Naaaaa. Not at all. No fucking way! We have the Department of Defense for that shit. There is no reason to have a militia of citizens when we have a capable military and we FUND it in excess. Furthermore, the military is regulated as hell. They have UCMJ, they comply with the Geneva Convention, they have schools with standards, they have training, they have oversight, they have penalties for any renegade bullshit behavior or deviant behavior. They are not a free society to do what they want. They are highly regulated. So, to think that people who love guns are cool with having them because of the 2nd amendment and that "well-regulated" crap ... I just wonder, why is that the concept you embrace? Are you planning on some government overhaul so you can kill your fellow Americans?

If you are a responsible gun owner - if you have your gun secured, you are trained (which requires constant refresher training), and you realize there is a gun epidemic in the USA, why are you not in the forefront of the argument saying, "YES!!! Require more regulations. Training should be mandatory! There should be longer waiting periods for guns! Yes, they should stop selling guns to minors. Yes, they should stop selling automatic weapons." Why would someone who loves their guns not want EVERYONE else with a gun to be a safe and responsible gun owner? And what would make you argue in favor of kids having and using weapons?!

Why are kids able to access guns? Why are kids legally allowed to have guns and use them? I mean, when will law-makers limit who has access to guns? When will laws exist that seriously punish gun owners for being irresponsible?

Take for example a kid (let's say they are 5 years old) who grabbed their parent's unsecured and loaded gun - they take it and they kill themselves. This happens ALL THE TIME in the USA! (Read: American toddlers are still shooting people on a weekly basis this year: Washington Post)  Is it a tragedy to have a dead kid? YES! No one would argue that a kid who kills himself by playing with a loaded, unsecured gun isn't a total tragedy. However, what's the next step? That gun owner (whether the child's mother, father, older sibling, grandparent, uncle, aunt, neighbor, etc.) needs to go to prison. There is no need for, "they are suffering enough from the loss of the child." NO! Fuck that. That person should pay for the crime and their irresponsible behavior should have them land behind bars and NEVER gain access to a gun again. There should be a registry for people who failed to secure their weapons and it resulted in a crime.

There are not enough punishments in place for irresponsible gun ownership.

Kids need to lose access to guns - completely. I am tired of adults making the argument that it's a kid's right to have a weapon. Ummm NO! It's not. They are children. Until they are adults, let's just say that they shouldn't be allowed to marry, be able to drive a car, be able to buy weapons, be able to buy or consume alcohol or cigarettes, etc. There are so man damn things kids simply shouldn't have access to. I am tired of this shit.

We need and deserve law-makers who are ready to change how guns are handled in the USA. Just today there was another school shooting. When will it be enough?! WHEN?!!!!

And want to watch something scary? Yup ... here's your "well-regulated" but really, more accurately, self-regulated military.  Watch the clip below.

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