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Chris Botti in Fort Pierce

It's been a while since I've written a blog but tonight, before I go to bed, I must write about my evening. I went to see Chris Botti in concert and there is quite a story to my love affair with that man and his music.

I don't quite remember when I was introduced to his music. I remember liking it for years (maybe since 2006?) but it wasn't until a couple of years later when I awoke in Kuwait a bit disoriented from traveling from Colorado --  I awoke to a song of his and was transfixed. I slept with headphones (Bose earbuds, more specifically because I needed to drown out the noise in the tent from other Soldiers shuffling about and making a racket or snoring or other annoying tidbits that keep people from sound sleep.) I put on some tunes but awoke early - maybe it was around 3am or so? It was early but I was wide awake. I stepped out of the tent and sat at the base of a T-wall (called a T wall because if you invert the "T" then you can imagine a tall wall w…