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Tide 2.9

Artwork from my Movement Collection is my absolute favorite. Even though I love the photographs I captured in the military (photojournalism) and while traveling the USA, South America, and Europe ... I still love the simplicity and peace of the artwork in that particular collection the most.

This piece is called Tide 2.9 (Limited Edition)
It's 70 inches x 46 inches x 1.5 inches deep
Manipulated photography on a gallery-wrapped canvas

This photograph was taken in Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. I love our local beaches and the color of the water.

For more information about this artwork visit Saatchi Art here.

Making a difference one animal at a time

I have been a volunteer foster for the local Humane Society animal shelter in town for a few years now. My home is usually chaotic enough with my two young daughters but occasionally, I'll opt to take in a litter of kittens with a mom, a litter of kittens without mom, an adult cat who does better in a house than in the shelter (naturally) and so on.

Every animal has his or her own unique personality. Of course, I like more than others but they all get equal amounts of love here. My goal as a foster is to acclimate these little dudes to living in a house, living around people, being around kids, around furniture, among household smells and regular household noises. Animals stuck in shelters don't have that luxury so they benefit immensely from being in a foster home.

I have two young girls who love fostering even more than I do. People often comment that they couldn't emotionally handle fostering - it's too hard to not keep them all, they say. They also say that it'…